ReidGoodwin Gives Back for Thanksgiving

Team Members Bake Pies and Help Set up for a Thanksgiving Dinner

This past Wednesday, ReidGoodwin team members in Roanoke and Richmond volunteered their time and skills to give back for Thanksgiving. In Roanoke, team members made and delivered pies for the Roanoke Rescue Mission’s Thanksgiving Dinner. In Richmond, team members traveled to the Richmond Convention Center to help sort clothing and make table centerpieces for The Giving Heart’s Thanksgiving dinner.


The Roanoke Rescue Mission is an organization established to provide assistance, shelter, and meals to homeless individuals and their families. They also offer programs for those struggling with addiction. This Thanksgiving, they offered a Thanksgiving dinner and held a Drumstick Dash Race 5K to raise money for their programs. They offer these programs and events year-round for those in need.

The Giving Heart is an organization that strives to provide food, fellowship, and essential items to those in need. Each year they host a Thanksgiving Feast for those in the Richmond area. This year they also provided different services along with the dinner, and free transportation through GTRC. Anyone was invited and those in need could come for a meal, a haircut, and items that they may need, like clothing and hygiene essentials.


The Roanoke Rescue Mission has a packed schedule for December. For more information on how you can volunteer for their events or give, visit their website! The Giving Heart focuses on two events during the year, their Thanksgiving Dinner and a Secret Senior Valentines Program. To find out how you can get involved this Valentines’ Day or to learn more about this past Thanksgiving dinner, visit their website! ReidGoodwin enjoyed the opportunity to give back to its communities this holiday season, and we hope you will check out these awesome organizations!

Thanksgiving Tips from ReidGoodwin

How to Safely Deep Fry a Turkey

From all of us here at ReidGoodwin, we want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. We hope that you cherish this holiday spent with friends and family over good food. The turkey is the centerpiece of this special meal, and you may choose to fry yours. This can be dangerous, so here are some tips to keep you safe this holiday weekend!

Decide whether or not you will be deep frying inside or outside and choose a fryer that is appropriate.

Make sure that your turkey is completely defrosted and that there isn’t any ice hiding inside of it. It can be dangerous to drop a turkey with ice into oil.

Make sure that you aren’t using too much oil. You can determine how much you’ll need by placing the turkey in the pot and then filling it with water.

Make sure that you are properly prepared to deal with a grease fire. Do not use water to extinguish it.

Make sure that the fryer is not near anything flammable, and that it is level on a flat surface.

Rather than dropping the turkey into the pot, slowly lower it. This will lessen the the amount of oil splashing.

Make sure that the turkey is not too large, this could increase the chances of an oil spill.

Make sure that the oil is kept at the correct temperature.

Do not leave the fryer or the turkey unattended.

Do not fry under the influence.

We hope you found these tips helpful. Enjoy your turkey this Thursday and have a happy Thanksgiving!