Woman Awarded Millions After Being Stuck By Needle At Target


ABC 8 News reports that a jury has awarded Carla Denise Garrison of South Carolina more than $4.6 million after being injured in a Target parking lot. In 2014, her 8-year-old daughter picked up a hypodermic needle in a Target parking lot. When Garrison went to remove the needle from her daughter’s hand, she was stuck by it. She was bedridden for some time while being medicated against the risk of contracting HIV. Spokeswoman for Target, Erika Winkels, says the company is considering an appeal.

A property owner has a duty to provide and maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition to prevent injuries, which includes performing regular inspections to remedy dangerous conditions. These hazardous conditions can include uneven or crumbling pavements, standing liquid on the floor, failure to clear snow and ice, falling objects, inadequate security and in this case a hypodermic needle in the parking lot.  Under Virginia law, victims may be entitled to receive reimbursement of medical bills, loss wages, mileage and compensation for pain and suffering.

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