Winter Weather: Preparing your Home

ReidGoodwin gives advice on how to take care of your home in freezing temperatures

We hope that our tips for driving in winter weather were helpful as Virginia welcomed snow last week. With the recent near record freezing temperatures, many of us in Virginia faced problems with our homes, like power outages and frozen water. While temperatures will be warming up this week, Winter is not over yet.  ReidGoodwin has compiled some tips to help you ready your home for any future winter weather. We hope they help you enjoy this season without worrying about problems that could arise with your home.

  • Plumbing is important. Make sure that you have serviced and checked your pipes before freezing temperatures or any major weather. Drain any hoses and store them for the season.
  • Stay warm safely. If you will be using a fireplace and chimney, make sure that they are cleaned and ready to be used. It is also important to make sure that your heating system is tuned and ready when temperatures drop.
  • Check your home for any leaks and make repairs. This can prevent a lot of damage with heavy snow and the water that will accumulate after it melts.
  • Make sure that your roof and gutters are prepared for the snow by cleaning out your gutters and making any necessary repairs to your roof.
  • Stay stocked. Make sure that if need be, you have a snow shovel, snow blower, ice melt, and generator. These items could help tremendously if you become snowed in or lose power. If you do own a generator, make sure that it is in working condition.

Here at ReidGoodwin, we wish you the best Winter and hope that you enjoy the weather it brings without worrying about taking care of your home. Stay tuned for more winter weather tips! If you’d like to read some tips on driving in the winter weather, click here!

Tips to Safely Celebrate on New Year’s Eve

ReidGoodwin shares how to make this New Year’s a safe one

ReidGoodwin would like to wish you, your families, and friends a happy New Year. We are honored to have spent another year serving our community by helping those who have experienced life changing events. We want to make sure that you arrive safely in the new year, so we’ve compiled some tips on how to be a smart decision maker on December 31st.

  • Don’t drink and drive. If you know you’ll be celebrating with drinks, make sure you’ve planned ahead to stay where you are, or to be driven home by a designated sober driver.
  • If possible, stay off the roads. With an increased amount of drinking on the night of New Year’s, intoxicated individuals are more likely to be out driving. You can avoid the risk by planning to celebrate at home.
  • Know your limit and pace yourself if you do decide to drink. Making sure you’ve eaten before you drink is also important.
  • Stay away from firearms and fireworks, especially when drinking. Many people enjoy celebrating by setting off fireworks. This can be dangerous while sober, and is even riskier when mixed with alcohol use.
  • If you do decide to go out, go with a group. Make sure that you are watching out for the people you are with, and if you see someone trying to drive while intoxicated, stop them.

We hope these tips help you welcome the New Year safely. Again, from our ReidGoodwin family to yours, we wish you a happy New Year!

ReidGoodwin Gives Back to Community for Holiday Season

Team Members Selected and Donated Items to the Ronald McDonald House Charities

In honor of the holiday season, ReidGoodwin spread some cheer by giving back to their communities in Richmond and Roanoke. This week, team members at ReidGoodwin were split up and asked to select items from the Ronald McDonald House Charities’ Gift Wish Lists for Richmond and Roanoke. They will be donating the items to the houses in those areas. These items ranged from household products to toys and games for the children and families they serve. ReidGoodwin enjoyed this opportunity to support a foundation that assists families in their times of need, when loved ones become ill and need extended medical treatments.

RMHC, Ronald McDonald House Charities, was created in 1974 to assist families with children being treated at local hospitals. They provide housing and family rooms to help lessen the burden and to provide access to family-centered health care. Often times, sick children may need to endure weeks of treatment at hospitals that aren’t close to their homes. RMHC helps keep families together by giving them a place to stay when this happens. They have over 64 chapters located around the world, including Roanoke and Richmond, VA. They offer many different ways to get involved, providing opportunities to volunteer and donate items. You can visit their website to take a look at their wish lists or to check out their “Raise Love” campaign which will help provide overnight stays for families.

We are excited to have the opportunity to give back to such a valuable part of our community this holiday season. We hope that you will find a way to spread some holiday cheer and partake in this season of giving. For more information on how you can get involved with RMHC or to find your local chapter, visit their website! We hope you have a happy holiday!

Winter Weather Driving Tips

Being a Smart and Safe Driver this Season

December 8th marked the first snow of the season for many Virginians. While it was beautiful, winter weather, especially snow, can create dangerous road conditions. Here at ReidGoodwin, we want you to enjoy Winter and its weather, so we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you be a smart and safe driver this season.

Be proactive. If you know that bad weather is expected, stay updated with weather and road reports. If you don’t need to go out, staying in is the best                   option when roads become dangerous.

Before you go, make sure that your tires have enough air and  NEVER warm up your car in an enclosed space, like a garage. Have a plan on where you will               be going and familiarize yourself with directions.

Practice caution by reducing your speed in winter weather conditions. Speed limits are designed for dry conditions and may not be safe in icy or snowy                     weather.

If it’s snowing, make sure that you know your brakes and drive slowly. Don’t rush. Take your time accelerating, turning, and slowing down.

Keep an emergency kit in your car in the event that you become stuck or stranded, and make sure that you leave home with a charged phone. Your kit               should include a blanket, any medication you may need, a hat, gloves, food,                 and water. If you do become stranded, don’t leave your vehicle, as it can                       act as a shelter against the elements.

Hopefully, these tips will help you stay safe when venturing out in the winter weather this season. Remember to practice caution and stay inside if you aren’t comfortable driving in bad weather. Stayed tuned for more winter weather tips, and have a warm and festive season!


Brad Goodwin Selected as Member of the National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 Civil Plaintiff Trial Lawyers

Selected as Member for Top 100 Civil Plaintiff Trial Lawyers in Virginia for 2017

ReidGoodwin would like to congratulate Brad Goodwin for being selected as a member of this year’s Top 100 Civil Plaintiff Trial Lawyers by The National Trial Lawyers (NTL) in the state of Virginia. In order to receive this exclusive membership invitation, The NTL evaluates an attorney’s reputation among their peers, the judiciary, and the public, their previous achievements, their rankings and ratings, and their board certification. They must also have strong leadership skills and superior trial results. We are honored that Brad was chosen by his peers and community for these reasons to be included as a member for 2017.

ReidGoodwin was founded on the principles of helping injured individuals across Virginia. It is our passion to help the people within our community and to make our clients feel as whole as possible after catastrophic accidents and injuries. We are humbled by this recognition and will continue to strive for excellence and the best outcomes for our clients.

Again, we would like to say thank you to our peers for nominating Brad, and to our community for allowing this invitation to be extended to him.

Brody Reid Selected as Member of Virginia’s Legal elite for 2017

Brody Reid Selected for Virginia Legal Elite in Young Lawyers Category

ReidGoodwin would like to congratulate Brody Reid on being selected as a member of Virginia’s Legal Elite for 2017. Each year, Virginia Business collaborates with the Virginia Bar Association to select the best lawyers in 18 practice categories throughout the Commonwealth. Attorneys across Virginia nominate their peers and ballots are emailed to nearly 14,000 lawyers across the state. We are honored and thrilled to have Brody included in this elite list.

ReidGoodwin was founded on the principles of helping injured individuals across Virginia. It is our passion to help the people within our community and to make our clients feel as whole as possible after catastrophic accidents and injuries. We are humbled by this recognition and will continue to strive for excellence and the best outcomes for our clients.

Again, we would like say thank you to our clients for allowing this recognition to be possible, and to our peers for bestowing this honor onto Brody.


ReidGoodwin Gives Back for Thanksgiving

Team Members Bake Pies and Help Set up for a Thanksgiving Dinner

This past Wednesday, ReidGoodwin team members in Roanoke and Richmond volunteered their time and skills to give back for Thanksgiving. In Roanoke, team members made and delivered pies for the Roanoke Rescue Mission’s Thanksgiving Dinner. In Richmond, team members traveled to the Richmond Convention Center to help sort clothing and make table centerpieces for The Giving Heart’s Thanksgiving dinner.


The Roanoke Rescue Mission is an organization established to provide assistance, shelter, and meals to homeless individuals and their families. They also offer programs for those struggling with addiction. This Thanksgiving, they offered a Thanksgiving dinner and held a Drumstick Dash Race 5K to raise money for their programs. They offer these programs and events year-round for those in need.

The Giving Heart is an organization that strives to provide food, fellowship, and essential items to those in need. Each year they host a Thanksgiving Feast for those in the Richmond area. This year they also provided different services along with the dinner, and free transportation through GTRC. Anyone was invited and those in need could come for a meal, a haircut, and items that they may need, like clothing and hygiene essentials.


The Roanoke Rescue Mission has a packed schedule for December. For more information on how you can volunteer for their events or give, visit their website! The Giving Heart focuses on two events during the year, their Thanksgiving Dinner and a Secret Senior Valentines Program. To find out how you can get involved this Valentines’ Day or to learn more about this past Thanksgiving dinner, visit their website! ReidGoodwin enjoyed the opportunity to give back to its communities this holiday season, and we hope you will check out these awesome organizations!

Thanksgiving Tips from ReidGoodwin

How to Safely Deep Fry a Turkey

From all of us here at ReidGoodwin, we want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. We hope that you cherish this holiday spent with friends and family over good food. The turkey is the centerpiece of this special meal, and you may choose to fry yours. This can be dangerous, so here are some tips to keep you safe this holiday weekend!

Decide whether or not you will be deep frying inside or outside and choose a fryer that is appropriate.

Make sure that your turkey is completely defrosted and that there isn’t any ice hiding inside of it. It can be dangerous to drop a turkey with ice into oil.

Make sure that you aren’t using too much oil. You can determine how much you’ll need by placing the turkey in the pot and then filling it with water.

Make sure that you are properly prepared to deal with a grease fire. Do not use water to extinguish it.

Make sure that the fryer is not near anything flammable, and that it is level on a flat surface.

Rather than dropping the turkey into the pot, slowly lower it. This will lessen the the amount of oil splashing.

Make sure that the turkey is not too large, this could increase the chances of an oil spill.

Make sure that the oil is kept at the correct temperature.

Do not leave the fryer or the turkey unattended.

Do not fry under the influence.

We hope you found these tips helpful. Enjoy your turkey this Thursday and have a happy Thanksgiving!





5 Things to Remember on Black Friday

Being a Smart Shopper

As the Thanksgiving feast draws to a close, people will begin to head out to take advantage of the Black Friday deals. Stores and parking lots can get hectic on this popular shopping day. Keeping in mind that some of you may take part in the savings, here are five important things to remember that will make your day calmer.

  1. Crowded stores will make it easier for individuals to steal your belongings and information. Keep purses close to you at all times, don’t carry large sums of cash, and only use credit cards to make purchases.
  2. Use caution when maneuvering through parking lots, as they will be congested.
  3. Have a plan. Making a roadmap of where you want to go will ease stress and shorten delays.
  4. It may be dark when you first set out to shop, so don’t shop alone and keep a charged cellphone with you.
  5. Be aware when walking to your car in the dark, have your keys ready, and make sure to store purchases in the trunk of your vehicle.

From our family here at ReidGoodwin to yours, we hope you have a fantastic Black Friday and stay safe!

Brody Reid Speaks at VTLA Paralegal-Palooza

Brody Reid talks about Liens at VTLA Paralegal Seminar in Richmond, Virginia

This past Thursday, ReidGoodwin’s Brody Reid attended the Annual VTLA Paralegal-Palooza Seminar in Richmond, VA. This event brought paralegals from all over Virginia to mingle and attend seminars on topics such as, legal research, liens, ESI, Ethics, and Social Security. These seminars gave them working tools and information that they could immediately begin applying to their work lives. The seminars were not practice area specific, however, there were breakout sessions for Criminal Law, Family Law, and Civil Practice.

In a talk titled “Easy Come, Easy Go: Keeping Money for your Clients and Facing Liens,” Reid spoke about how liens can impact a case from start to finish. He also discussed how liens can come back to be problematic, even after a case is closed, if they are not dealt with accordingly throughout the process. Reid frequently speaks at VTLA events. He most recently spoke at the VTLA Evidence Seminar and the VTLA Advanced Workers’ Compensation Retreat.

VTLA is a voluntary bar association that was founded in 1959 in Virginia. They work to educate about the importance of the jury and the trial lawyer. There are 2,000 members who represent clients all over Virginia. Each year, they host a number of educational events, such as conferences and seminars for lawyers and paralegals state-wide.

VTLA always has upcoming retreats and seminars. To learn more about what they do and how you can get involved, visit their website!