Virginia Youth Reach Out to Their Peers About Traffic Safety

Virginia students are using peer-to-peer education programs to protect each other from the dangers of unsafe driving. YOVASO, the Youth of Virginia Speak About Traffic Safety group, encourages students to work together to address unsafe driving behaviors and focus on the prevention of crashes, injuries and fatalities among drivers under the age of 21. The focus areas of YOVASO are:

  • Seat Belts – Increase awareness about the benefits of seat belts and increase seat belt use among youth and teens
  • Speeding – Increase awareness about the dangers of speeding and reduce speeding among teen drivers
  • Underage Drinking/Impaired Driving – Increase awareness about Virginia’s Zero Tolerance Law and reduce underage drinking and impaired driving among teens
  • Distracted Driving – Increase awareness about the dangers of distracted driving and reduce distracted driving among teen drivers
  • Defensive Driving – Educate teens about driving defensively and acquiring skills needed for crash avoidance and run-off-the-road recovery
  • Virginia’s Teen Driving Laws – Increase awareness abut Virginia’s laws and reduce the number of teens who break these laws
  • Risky Driving Behaviors – Increase awareness about risky driving behaviors and reduce these behaviors in teen drivers (driving with too many passengers, cruising, etc.)
  • Driving Attitudes – Help change the attitudes of youth and teens and impact a generation of young drivers who are better informed about and committed to practicing safe driving habits and attitudes

From September 18th to October 13th, they are running the Save Your Tailgate campaign. The campaign is aimed at educating all youth and teens to form a life-long buckle up habit by reminding them that seat belts are critical for every driver and passenger. In addition to promoting seat belt use, students are encouraging each other to slow down and obey speed limits. Speeding is another important step to reducing young driver-related crashes, that lead to injuries and fatalities. In Virginia, speeding is a key factor in all fatal crashes involving a young driver, approximately half of all fatal teen crashes are the result of speeding. YOVASO is encouraging all middle and high schools to sign up for this campaign, and their approaching Halloween Safety campaign, as a way to engage students and make safe driving programs a staple in all educational settings.

At Reid Goodwin we would like to remind you to talk to your children about the dangers of unsafe driving, and encourage them to be involved in programs such as YOVASO. Education, especially from peers, can curb unsafe driving habits before they begin. If you ever find yourself or a family member injured an accident caused by reckless driving, please contact our office and one of our attorneys will be able to assist you.

Reid Goodwin’s FeedMore Food Drive Results!

Last month we hosted an in-office food drive in association with the Virginia charity, FeedMore. We set our sights high, aiming to beat our record of 350 pounds from our food drive last year. Alongside the food drive, we would be donating $1 for every pound of food that we were able to collect. For every dollar donated, FeedMore can feed 4 people in need.

This year between our two offices, ReidGoodwin was able to raise 359 pounds of food to donate to our communities! Our Roanoke office was able to bring items down to their local food bank as well, which helped us beat our goal! With these donations, we are able to provide over 1,400 meals to those in the FeedMore network, which spans throughout central Virginia.

If you are motivated to hold your own food drive, or donate individually, September is Hunger Action Month! The goal of FeedMore’s Hunger Action Month is to mobilize all of Central Virginia to get involved with and shine a light on hunger-relief efforts in our community. In Central Virginia, nearly 200,000 of our neighbors struggle with hunger every day. Get involved and join us in the movement to end hunger in our community!

Reid Goodwin is always more than happy to have an opportunity to give back to the community that means so much to us. If you would like to donate or organize your own drive, contact FeedMore a for more information.

Back to School Road Safety – Keeping Our Students Safe

School is back in session! Sending students back after a long summer can be difficult, but being prepared makes things more enjoyable for everyone. Whether you drive your children to school, or put them on the bus every morning, there are some things that we need to watch out for at this time of year.

  1. School Bus Crossings

Richmond Public School system has recently installed cameras on their school buses. The goals of this precaution are to slow down drivers and ensure they are following the rules of the road. Remember, you must always stop and remain stop until all pedestrians are clear and the bus moves. If a bus extends it’s stop sign and is flashing red lights, both directions of traffic must stop. Richmond police say drivers who are caught on camera passing a stopped school bus that has its lights flashing and the cross-arm out will receive a $250 Notice of Violation in the mail.

2. Heavy/Slow Moving Traffic

Back to school traffic can be difficult, especially at the beginning of the year. Parents are working out the kinks in their morning routines, getting used to new commutes at the start of the school year and feeling stressed. The building stress of running late can cause speeding and other dangerous driving maneuvers. This can cause accidents, which would only delay the morning further while putting other drivers and pedestrians at risk. Please remember to leave a little extra time in the morning in case of traffic or accidents.

3. School Drop Off Zones

School drop of zones are the most hazardous areas for children during this time of year. Schools often have very specific drop-off procedures for the school year. Make sure you know them for the safety of all kids. The following apply to all school zones:

• Don’t double park; it blocks visibility for other children and vehicles

• Don’t load or unload children across the street from the school

• If you can, carpool to reduce the number of vehicles at the school

At Reid Goodwin we encourage everyone to be aware of their surroundings when getting their children to school, or commuting to and from work. The moments it takes for you to pass a bus or speed around traffic could endanger lives. If you or anyone you know has been injured by an unsafe driver, contact our office to let one of our attorneys assist you.


Best Lawyers in America 2018!

ReidGoodwin would like to congratulate Brody Reid on being selected to the 24th Edition of The Best Lawyers of America. We are humbled by this recognition, and every day we will continue to strive to obtain the best results for our clients. Mr. Reid and all attorneys of the firm take pride in our tireless work toward justice for our clients.

ReidGoodwin was founded on the principals of helping injured individuals across the Commonwealth of Virginia and providing them with the best possible outcomes in their cases. It is our passion to help others throughout the community that our foundations are built.  We are pleased that our peers nationally have recognized Brody for his unwavering commitment to helping individuals and families that have been impacted by injury.

We would like to thank everyone in our community for the continued opportunity help in times of need.

Richmond Re-Examines Vision Zero After Fatal Pedestrian Accidents Rise

Pedestrian related accidents are on the rise. In 2016 alone, more than 130 people were fatally injured and 2500 were severely injured in pedestrian and bicycle-involved crashes across the state. However, Richmond Public Works is putting new programs to the test to in order to curb these statistics. They have begun working with Vision Zero on the  Healthy Streets Program, hoping to bring down our overwhelming pedestrian injury/fatality numbers.


Richmond has committed to this program in order to eliminate serious injuries and deaths on our streets by 2030. More than two dozen U.S. cities have begun working with the Vision Zero network. These cities must: “have a Mayor publicly committed to Vision Zero, set clear goals to eliminate traffic fatalities and injuries; have a strategy or plan in place, and engage multiple city departments, like police, transportation and public health.” The City is working with the Richmond Police Department, the Richmond Fire Department, and the community on their pursuit of safer streets. The City is pushing for pedestrian safety curb extensions, neighborhood traffic calming circles (roundabouts), speed bumps, and raised crosswalks in hopes to minimize bad driving behaviors.

Everyone can help to address our Safe and Healthy Streets Challenge by doing the following:

  • Share the road – Give space to cyclists and motorcyclists, let pedestrians cross the street;
  • Obey the speed limit – Drive the posted speed limit;
  • Buckle in – Wear your seat belt;
  • Avoid Distractions – Avoid distractions such as talking on your cell phone, texting, eating etc. while driving;
  • Drive Sober – Never drink and drive

ReidGoodwin is dedicated to protecting those who have been injured in preventable accidents. If you ever find yourself or a family member injured in a pedestrian or bicycle related accident, please contact one of our experienced attorneys to assist you.

Reid Goodwin Holds Food Drive with Richmond Charity FeedMore


For the month of August, ReidGoodwin is hosting an in-office food drive in association with FeedMore. As this is our third year working with FeedMore, we are aiming high! Last year we were able to bring in over 350 pounds of food, and we are already halfway there with two weeks left! For every pound of food that we bring in, ReidGoodwin will be donating $1. For every dollar donated, FeedMore can feed 4 people in our community.

FeedMore has multiple community programs focused on assisting those in need in not only the Richmond area, but across central Virginia. In 2016 FeedMore:

  • distributed more than 19.2 million meals through our network of partner agencies and programs.
  • provided a nutritious snack and/or healthy, hot evening meal to more than 3,000 children each weekday through our Kids Cafe program
  • distributed more than 913,000 meals to 56,180 individuals who live in under-served communities with our Mobile Pantry.
  • volunteers delivered more than 293,000 fresh and emergency meals to 1,513 home-bound seniors and disabled neighbors in our Meals on Wheels program.
  • distributed more than 310,750 meals through our BackPack program.
  • provided more than 52,000 meals each day to neighbors in need in their times of need.
  • made a difference in the lives of the nearly 200,000 children, families and seniors who struggle with hunger

We will be updating everyone at the beginning of September with our fundraising results! Reid Goodwin is always more than happy to have an opportunity to give back to the community that means so much to us. If you would like to donate or organize your own drive, contact FeedMore a for more information.


Brody Reid’s Five Keys to Virginia Workers’ Compensation

Reid Goodwin partner, Brody Reid, broke down the five most important steps of Virginia Worker’s Compensation. Utilizing these tips is essential to every claim, regardless of your injury.

  1. Report It: You must report your injury to your supervisor within 30 days. Written notification is preferred to prove it later.
  2. Be Specific: When reporting give the date, location, time, and exact thing you were doing when you first felt anything.
  3. File A Claim: A claim with the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission generally must be filed within two years of your specific injury.
  4. Seek Medical Treatment: Get checked out by a medical provider, be specific on how you were hurt and what hurts. Get a copy of any work restrictions/out of work notes. A panel of three doctors may be provided to select.
  5. Look For Work: If your employer will not take you back light duty, you must look for 5 jobs a week while out to be eligible for pay. Even if you are not yet fired.

If you or someone you know has suffered an injury while working on the job, contact Brody Reid or any of our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at ReidGoodwin to assist you with your claim.

The Hazards of Construction – Workers Injured on the Job

On Tuesday, August 1st, Richmond Fire crews were sent to a construction sight in Church Hill to rescue a construction worker that had become trapped on the job site.

The worker was pouring cement when the ground gave out under the truck’s outriggers, causing a boom truck to fall. He was struck by the truck, knocked down, and trapped by rebar. After using a 30 foot ladder to reach the man and pull him out of his precarious situation, rescuers transported him to the hospital where he was treated for minor injuries.

Safety and health professionals work around the clock to insure worker safety on job sites. In the past 40 years, construction accidents and fatalities have fallen by 7%. However, according to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration 3% of construction workers will be in an accident every year. The four biggest dangers construction workers face are: falls, being struck by objects, electrocutions, and crush injuries.

Working in a manual labor field is hard work, and sometimes accidents can happen. If you or someone you know has suffered an injury while working on the job, contact the experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at ReidGoodwin to assist you with your claim.



Summer Safety Series – Animals in the Summer Heat

With the warmer weather encouraging outdoor activities, we have to keep an eye out for the members of our family who can’t let us know something is wrong. Whether it’s going to be a quick trip to the store, or a full day at the river, our pets also need to stay hydrated and cool. If you are planning on carting your f

urry friends around with you this summer, please be aware of their health. Do not leave them outside for extended periods of time, and do not leave them in your car while you are running errands. Even with the windows rolled down, animals are still able to overheat and experience heat stroke.

Animals don’t cool down the way that we do. They must be cooled gradually as the shock of going from one temperature to another can be dangerous. Though heat can cause a majority trouble, humidity also plays a part. When there is excessive humidity animals are unable to cool themselves properly, which allows them to overheat. This means that even in the shade, our pets can still overheat. The signs to look out for when your animal is experiencing heat stroke are: excessive panting, tongues turning bright red, their bodies radiating heat, the animal becoming unresponsive, seizures, muscle tremors, and dizziness.

A few things you can do if you start to see these symptoms in your pets:

  • Get the animal into a bath/shower and run cool (not cold) water over them
  • Apply a cold pack to the animal’s head
  • Rub the animal’s legs to increase circulation
  • Provide the animal with as much cool (not cold) water as it needs

Even if your pet cools down and resumes normal behavior, it is important to take them to the vet as soon as you can. If your animal’s symptoms persist, take them to an emergency vet immediately. In the veterinary office they are able to monitor complications from heat stroke, such as kidney failure, neurological symptoms, abnormal clotting, and changes in blood pressure.

Here at Reid Goodwin we would like to remind everyone to stay safe and aware this summer. If you ever find yourself or a family member injured, please contact one of our experienced attorneys to assist you.

Best Law Firms 2017!


Our Best Law Firms plaque is here! We are humbled by this recognition, and every day we will continue to strive to obtain the best results for our clients. We would like to thank everyone in our community for this incredible honor.