“Slip and Fall” – 5 Things to Do Next

You are walking through a store, you turn a corner, your foot hits something slick and down you go.  Hopefully, it is just your pride that is hurt- but if not, there are some things that you should do to protect any injury claim that you may have.

  1. Look around- Was there any warning signs indicating that floor may be wet or slick?
  2. TAKE A PICTURE of what you slipped or fell in. Do not assume that it was all caught on video through the store’s cameras.  The cameras are there to protect from shoplifters and are not usually angled to capture images on the floor.
  3. Try to determine where the spillage came from- leaky refrigerator case? Exploded soda cans? TAKE A PICTURE of the source of the leak or spill.
  4. Give a report to a manager at the store and get a copy of said report, including the names and telephone numbers of ALL witnesses to your fall.
  5. Seek the appropriate medical treatment and follow up on ALL recommended medical care.

In premise liability cases, also known as “slip and fall”, Virginia follows an “open and obvious” rule. Essentially, this means that a person may be barred from receiving any compensation if the condition that caused his or her injuries were open and obvious to a reasonable person. People are expected to act reasonably and have common sense. Nevertheless, businesses and business owners are required to inspect their premises and resolve any dangerous conditions in a reasonable amount of time.

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