5 Things to Remember on Black Friday

Being a Smart Shopper

As the Thanksgiving feast draws to a close, people will begin to head out to take advantage of the Black Friday deals. Stores and parking lots can get hectic on this popular shopping day. Keeping in mind that some of you may take part in the savings, here are five important things to remember that will make your day calmer.

  1. Crowded stores will make it easier for individuals to steal your belongings and information. Keep purses close to you at all times, don’t carry large sums of cash, and only use credit cards to make purchases.
  2. Use caution when maneuvering through parking lots, as they will be congested.
  3. Have a plan. Making a roadmap of where you want to go will ease stress and shorten delays.
  4. It may be dark when you first set out to shop, so don’t shop alone and keep a charged cellphone with you.
  5. Be aware when walking to your car in the dark, have your keys ready, and make sure to store purchases in the trunk of your vehicle.

From our family here at ReidGoodwin to yours, we hope you have a fantastic Black Friday and stay safe!