Virginia Sees Significant Spike in Motorcycle Fatalities

Motorcyclists know the dangers of the road every time they get on their bikes. They are easy to miss and can fit perfectly in a driver’s blind spot. Virginia has witnessed 81 tragic motorcycle accident related fatalities so far in 2017, greatly surpassing the amount in 2016, and making avid motorcycle riders more cautious.

When motorcycles crash, their riders lack the protection of an enclosed vehicle, so they’re more likely to be injured or killed. It is estimated that the number of deaths on motorcycles was over 27 times the number of those in cars. In order to minimize injury, motorcyclists must be wearing the proper safety equipment.

  • Full-Face Helmet: Though not all states require a helmet, Virginia does, and head injuries are the leading cause of motorcycle fatalities.
  • Thick Gloves: In an accident, you are most likely going to try and extend your hands in order to protect yourself. If you don’t have anything protecting your hands, then you can break bones, lose skin, and even lose fingers.
  • Riding Jacket/Pants: Keep your skin protected by wearing jackets and pants made of thick material. Road rash will cause a lot of damage, especially in a high-speed accident.

In order for motorcycle crash statistics to improve, drivers of larger vehicles must remain aware while on the road. There are multiple factors to take into account, whether it’s speeding or lack of visibility, that cause these accidents. Take these things into account on your commute:

  • Share the road: Give motorcyclists space, double check your blind spots before turning and merging;
  • Obey the Speed Limit: Drive the posted speed limit;
  • Avoid Distractions: Avoid distractions such as talking on your cell phone, texting, eating etc. while driving;

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