Richmond Re-Examines Vision Zero After Fatal Pedestrian Accidents Rise

Pedestrian related accidents are on the rise. In 2016 alone, more than 130 people were fatally injured and 2500 were severely injured in pedestrian and bicycle-involved crashes across the state. However, Richmond Public Works is putting new programs to the test to in order to curb these statistics. They have begun working with Vision Zero on the  Healthy Streets Program, hoping to bring down our overwhelming pedestrian injury/fatality numbers.


Richmond has committed to this program in order to eliminate serious injuries and deaths on our streets by 2030. More than two dozen U.S. cities have begun working with the Vision Zero network. These cities must: “have a Mayor publicly committed to Vision Zero, set clear goals to eliminate traffic fatalities and injuries; have a strategy or plan in place, and engage multiple city departments, like police, transportation and public health.” The City is working with the Richmond Police Department, the Richmond Fire Department, and the community on their pursuit of safer streets. The City is pushing for pedestrian safety curb extensions, neighborhood traffic calming circles (roundabouts), speed bumps, and raised crosswalks in hopes to minimize bad driving behaviors.

Everyone can help to address our Safe and Healthy Streets Challenge by doing the following:

  • Share the road – Give space to cyclists and motorcyclists, let pedestrians cross the street;
  • Obey the speed limit – Drive the posted speed limit;
  • Buckle in – Wear your seat belt;
  • Avoid Distractions – Avoid distractions such as talking on your cell phone, texting, eating etc. while driving;
  • Drive Sober – Never drink and drive

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