ReidGoodwin Works With Chesterfield Career & Technical Center

Chesterfield Career and Technical Center Workplace Transition Program has been changing the lives of Chesterfield County students for the past 40 years. The CCTC is an extension of the county’s high schools, offering students Career and Technical Education courses not available at the high schools. They have maintained an emphasis on hands-on technical knowledge, skills and workplace readiness skills throughout its history. The CCTC currently offers 17 one-year and 13 two-year courses that enable approximately 1,400 students from 11 high schools to prepare for future careers and further post-secondary education. CCTC gives students college credit and real world experience. Every semester the students are guided through an interview process, where they sit with professionals in their field of study to acquire internships and build interview skills. 

For the past five years, ReidGoodwin has worked with CCTC, taking on an intern to teach them the basics of working in a legal office. This year we had high school junior named Amanda, who was in their Legal Systems Administration program. She was in the office twice a week, learning basic office skills such as filing and medical record review. Amanda, like the other students in her course, are on a legal professional track. They were taken on field trips to observe hearings, to a variety of of legal offices with different areas of practice, and to listen to lectures. The immersion into the students’ prospective careers allows for a more realistic and thorough view of the profession that they would like to dedicate themselves to.

We have had wonderful experiences with CCTC and their dedicated students, and we look forward to working with them in the future.