Images are representative, not actual event

Images are representative, not actual event

New Kent, VA

ABC 8 News reports that an accident on I-64 near Bottoms Bridge has left one person in critical condition. The accident happened in New Kent County on Sunday evening around 5:15 p.m. A single vehicle ran off the road and struck multiple trees. The driver of the vehicle was transported to the hospital with serious injuries. The police have been unable to speak with the driver at this point and are unsure about the cause of the wreck.

Accidents involving motor vehicles remain the leading cause of serious injury and preventable death in the United States. In an average year, 1 in 25 Virginians are in a car crash. Approximately 800 Virginians are killed in motor vehicle collisions with over 300 fatalities from drunk driving every year. In many cases, a negligent driver is to blame for these life changing crashes.  A passenger in a single vehicle wreck may be able to recover for damages under Virginia law. 

At ReidGoodwin we hope you are never involved in a motor vehicle accident.  However, if you or a loved one has been injured as a passenger in an auto accident, contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at ReidGoodwin today to schedule a legal evaluation.