Teen Goes to College After Suffering Traumatic Brain Injury

University of Vermont

ABC 8 News reports that after 16 months of recovery, a teen injured in a traumatic car crash will be going to college. Last February, Josh Speidel suffered a traumatic brain injury related to a car crash. Josh spent 117 days in three different hospitals as a result of the wreck. According to the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s office, Josh was involved in a two-car accident on U.S. Route 31. Firefighters had to cut Josh out of the car. He was hospitalized and in critical care at IU Health Methodist Hospital.

Josh, a 6’8” basketball star, was being recruited by the University of Vermont to play basketball at the time of the wreck. After the collision, the University of Vermont agreed to hold Josh’s scholarship as long as necessary while he recovered. Josh plans to continue rehabilitation therapy while in school.

We here at ReidGoodwin are happy to hear of Josh’s recovery and his ability to continue with his college dreams. We wish him and his family all of the best.

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