Overturned Tractor Trailer on I-95 Leads to Injury

Images are representative, not actual event

Images are representative, not actual event

June 16, 2015- Richmond, VA

Around 11:15 AM Tuesday morning, Virginia State Police responded to an overturned tractor trailer blocking the north entrance ramp at Maury Street, I-95 mile marker 73.  Despite minor injuries, NBC12 reports that the driver was not transported to the hospital.

For truck drivers, employees of moving companies, and commercial drivers, increased exposure to the hazards of driving is a daily reality. Due to the size of their vehicles, the highways they drive on, and the increased risk of rolling over because of the materials, truckers are uniquely susceptible to injury.

But as all truck drivers know, the risk of injury is not limited to the highways of the Commonwealth; commercial transportation is a labor-intensive job that involves heavy lifting, transferring, bending and twisting, and other duties that can cause to serious injuries.

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