Richmond Public School bus involved in collision

January 29, 2015- Richmond, Va.

A Richmond Public Schools bus collided with a vehicle around 9:00 AM on Thursday morning. The collision occurred at the intersection of Bank and 9th Street.

While further details related to the crash were not immediately available, one student was reportedly checked for possible injury.

Nearly one million students are transported to and from school and other academic activities on more than 15,000 school buses operated by the commonwealth’s school divisions each day. With their large size, weight and turn radius, busses are less reflexive to sudden changes in traffic conditions, such as sudden stops, roadway impairments, or adverse weather.

Bus accidents can be caused by defective equipment, improper bus maintenance, or the negligence of other drivers. In Virginia, the law requires that approaching motorists come to and remain at a complete stop until all exiting or entering passengers are clear. Va. Code § 46.2-859. Failure to do so constitutes reckless driving and is punishable by law.

Alternatively, there are instances where the bus driver is at fault. School bus drivers are particularly prone to distraction, as they often serve the dual function of driver and child-supervisor. Furthermore, many school busses are not equipped with safety belts. Where safety belts are present, they are often under-utilized by student passengers. This leaves children at increased risk of falling out of their seats during crashes or unexpected maneuvers.

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