Disabled vehicles prompt 6.5 mile backup

December 9, 2014

Richmond, Va.

Two disabled vehicles near the Chamberlayne Avenue exit on Interstate 95 north slowed morning traffic to a crawl early Thursday morning, resulting in a 6.5 mile backup.

By 9:00 AM all lanes had reopened, but a backup of about 4 miles remained.

While no resulting accidents were reported in connection to this traffic jam, situations such as this often result in residual collisions involving distracted drivers.

“Rubbernecking” is the term commonly used to describe this type of distracted driving – drivers looking at roadway conditions, such as police activity or motor vehicle accidents, rather than paying attention to the flow of traffic. Rubbernecking can result in minor to major collisions. As the majority of rubbernecking accidents are rear-end crashes, accident victims often need extensive surgeries and sometimes long-term care.

Anyone who has been injured due to a rubbernecking incident or any other type of collision may be entitled to receive compensation that can be used to cover lost wages and medical bills. An experienced personal injury attorney can assist these individuals to ensure maximum compensation under the law.