“Multiple accidents on Interstate 64 east in Fluvanna County result in injury, overturned tractor-trailer”

November 13, 2014- Fluvanna County, Va.

Interstate 64 east in Fluvanna County was closed this morning after multiple crashes left multiple injured and a tractor-trailer overturned.

The initial crash occurred at 6:26 AM on westbound I-64 at the 129 mile marker, resulting in several injuries. The resulting traffic-jam left a three-vehicle wreck in its wake.

At 7:37 AM, a fire truck responding to the second crash was clipped by a double tractor-trailer that failed to yield on eastbound I-64. The tractor trailer overturned in the median and began leaking liquid, which necessitated hazardous material response protocol.

There were no injuries in the collision between the tractor trailer and the fire truck.

Multi-car accidents like this are particularly susceptible to confusion, finger-pointing, and blame-shifting. The stress of an accident is only compounded by accompanying traffic jams and large-scale emergency responder involvement.

Insurance companies looking to minimize claims often can’t be bothered to sort out the important details crucial to obtaining the full compensation. Experienced legal counsel is crucial to ensure a thorough investigation of the accident and a full accounting of all losses, including medical costs, loss of income, and pain and suffering.