“Crash involving Henrico police leads to apprehension, arrest”

November 5, 2014- Henrico, Va.

Henrico detectives arrested Vonzell James Bandy, age 25, on Tuesday after a car chase down W. Broad Street just east of North Madison Street.

Bandy was wanted in connection with a larceny Oct. 31 in the 7900 block of Brook Road. Witnesses were able to provide the license plate number of the stolen vehicle used by Bandy to flee the scene.

Bandy was spotted by Henrico undercover officers at West Marshall Street and Brook Road on Tuesday. In an attempt to escape, Bandy struck a police vehicle and proceeded for about two blocks before losing control and colliding with a parked car.

Brady is a suspect in a robbery Oct. 22 in the 10000 block Brook Road and is charged with additional crimes in Richmond, Caroline and Hanover.

Police officers engage in this type of dangerous pursuit on a daily basis to safeguard citizens. In recognition of their bravery and commitment, the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act distinguishes police officers injured on the job as members of a “protected class.”

Per the Act, when a public safety officer’s injury arises out of and in the course of employment (absent a misconduct defense) that injury is compensable. Put another way, while the average worker must prove that their injury was a related to their work, protected class employees are covered by the presumption that their ailments are related to their work.