Cement Mixer Crash

November 14, 2014- Chesterfield, Va.

 A blown tire caused a cement mixer to run off state Route 288 north near Ironbridge Road and overturn, seriously injuring the driver and leading to a lengthy cleanup that kept one lane closed for about four hours.

 The loaded mixer ran off the road to the right and up an embankment before it overturned and came to a rest partially in the right lane about 7:43 AM.

 The driver was taken to VCU Medical Center with serious injuries.

 The right lane was reopened by 11:25 AM.

 Virginia law strictly bars an employee from suing their employer or co-employees for injuries that incur on the job. The workers’ compensation remedy is your exclusive remedy, although if you are injured due to some third party’s negligence, you may still have a right to bring a law suit against that third party.