“Death at Helms Candy Company attributed to industrial accident”

October 16, 2014- Bristol, Va.

While there are many state and federal safety rules and regulations in place to protect employees, jobsite accidents persist. Workers may fall victim to negligence, distraction, oversight, and recklessness.

Gary Bowers, age 50, of Washington County, VA, is one such victim.

On October 15, 2014, Mr. Bowers was fatally injured in what is being reported as an “industrial accident” at Helms Candy Company. Mr. Bowers was employed by At Work Personnel, a temporary employment agency

When a Virginia worker is killed on the job, the family is almost always eligible for workers’ compensation death benefits. Mr. Bowers’ surviving dependents may be entitled to wage loss replacement benefits and payment of funeral/transportation expenses.

However, the family may feel that the circumstances surrounding the accident are extenuating and grounds for a wrongful death claim.

Wrongful death cases in the workplace can be particularly complicated because of multiple lawyers representing the competing interests of the insurance agencies, employers, and employees. Liability for an employee’s wrongful death may be attributed to multiple parties, including contractors, sub-contractors, managers, or even co-workers.

While employers and insurance companies engage in this type of litigation regularly, it is almost always the case that victims are attempting to navigate these troubled waters for the first time. In this emotional and turbulent time, Mr. Bowers’ loved ones are strongly encouraged to seek legal counsel to best represent their interests.